[직찍] 131022 Korea Youth Film Festival
[직찍] 131020 K-Pop Festival MC G.O in Changwon
[직찍] 131017 배우는 배우다 vip preview
[직찍+직캠] 131011 SUNGNUM International Games Festival
[직찍+직캠] 131011 SEOUL MU:CON Showcase with Reik  : G.O
[직찍+직캠] 131001 Gunsan sohae University
[직찍+수전증직캠] 130927 DAEJUN FREE FESTIVAL
[직찍] 130924 Pack so-hyeon's Love Games
[직찍] 130923 Super Junior's Kiss the Radio
[직찍] 130831 코인모
[직찍] 130824 Yeouido fan signing
[직캠] 130821 MBLAQ ZEPP Tour in Osaka G.O "song for your tears"
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