2014 THE G.O Slogan (English)end
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It is not Web fonts.  This is G.O's handwriting :)

***THEG.O.JP on slogan will be changed to the THE GO :)


~ 13.11.01 (3 weeks)


100 X 20 Terry superfine fibres (The material is the same as last year's slogan.)

Special benefit

Zipper bag

(Instead of a small gift, but the price lowered.)


1 set : 8,000won

Please ask about EMS shipping cost on the QNA board.

If you receive a slogan in Korea Concert, please Do not deposit shipping costs.

Deposit account


**If you have Any questions, please use the QNA Board..

Q. What is " pre-period"?
A. If you deposit a certain period,
(Pre-deposit period : 2013 . 10. 7 ~ 2013 . 10. 13 (for 7 days))
you will be able to receive the Special gift(DVD).

**Please write the article if you deposit. on Q & A board

Deposit name:

Deposit Date:

Deposit Amount:

Address (including zip code):

Contact (Mobile):

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